Sunday, November 30, 2008

Measure would force insurance companies to pay for autism treatment

"If I wanted therapy to start right now, I could totally do that, but I'd have to pay" Wendy Falk's youngest daughter Natalie, 3, was diagnosed with autism a year ago, but at the time, Falk was hoping she had simply misread the warning ...

Auto Insurance Guide- Get your Auto Insurance Policy

Auto insurance provides complete protection against losses happened as a result of vehicle accidents. Normally it includes car insurance and motor insurance.

Online Travel Insurance ?

1. So easy to book 2. Found it very easy to get around and easy access to information I needed (Existing medical conditions). 3. The help with medical screening and the service received was great. 4.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Stupid “Security” questions. Get a clue Insurance companies.

Insurance companies and health-care providers ask the most ridiculous security questions every time we cross paths. Name, Address, Date of Birth.

News - ‘Avon calling’ to sell insurance

Originaly from: News - ‘Avon calling’ to sell insurance Cosmetics firm Avon is recruiting 20000 sales agents, who may help it sell financial services door to door.

Insurance Oddities

As some of you may remember, my company got bought a little while back. They have been assimilating us little by little into the mother ship.

Carphone Warehouse Caught Misleading Over iPhone Insurance

Carphone Warehouse Caught Misleading Over iPhone Insurance Nov 29, ‘07 — Staff at the UK’s biggest mobile phone retailer, Carphone Warehouse, have been caught misleading customers about Apple’s popular iPhone handset, ...